I'm Here For You.

For 19 Years, I've Worked In Publishing

I’ve worked in digital content since 1994 when I made my first website. Over the following years, I worked for a variety of clients who needed anything from 3d animation, to web applications to illustrations for books that needed more.

I learned very early on to say HELL YES to any job I had skills in, and then deliver results that got me called back again and again.

Word of mouth is powerful stuff!

I was the hired gun that came in and made shit happen. My focus was on e-learning and publishing.

But what kept nagging in the back of my mind was my own book, unfinished and unpublished. 

It was my life long dream to be a published author. I remember pouring over Writers Magazine in the 1980s, clipping articles. 

This January, 2019, I realized that dream and published my own book. Wake The F*ck Up! is available in print and Kindle right now!

While I was in the process of getting my own book out, I found myself increasingly helping people who had books of their own. Illustrate a book here, design a cover there, make all the files ready to go.

There is NOTHING more incredible than helping a writer become an author. NOTHING.

With my background in illustration, graphic design and book design, all of it from a formal education, I am here to help YOU bring your books to the world.

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