Hi, I'm Paula.

I’m a writer, just like you. But I’m also something more: I have a long and interesting career in illustration, graphic design, interactive design and website creation.

My biggest dream, my huge life goal,  is to help people like you get your books to market fast, easily and effectively.

I know what it feels like to see a book with your own name on it on Amazon. I know what it feels like to be proud of having a beautiful book. And I want the same INCREDIBLE feeling for you too.

What I Can Do For You

This Is A Time Of Disruption

The most amazing time in human history. You don’t need a publishing company to design, market and print your book. You don’t even need vanity press to sell you packages that may or may not be right for you.

You just need the right person, an experienced professional, at your side to help you get from manuscript to finished book.

You Are

A dreamer.

A writer.

A creative.

You shouldn’t have to be a book designer or illustrator too.

Check Out How I Can Help You